Great Barrier Reef authorities have just said YES to coal port companies dumping dredge waste inside this World Heritage Area — all to make way a coal ship superhighway through our Reef. Reblog if this outrageous decision does not represent you. This is a massive disappointment, but we cannot give up hope. Sign up here to make our movement bigger than ever and keep up the fight to ‪#‎SaveTheReef‬http://www.SaveTheReef.org.au

Nemo’s dead and we killed him

Please Sign the petition guys. So many creatures will be decreased dramatically or even become endangered if we don’t stop it. Also watch the video. It really gave an insight into what would happen if this went ahead. 

like dugongs. they’re mad important and live on the reef

Hey, so GetUp! is deciding to take legal action against this travesty, and you can donate to their kick starter here

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has caved to the pressure of the mining industry and the Federal Government. The agency charged with "the protection, wise use, understanding and enjoyment of the Great Barrier Reef in perpetuity" has allowed it to be sold out for short-term profits. 

Late yesterday, they granted a permit to dump five million tonnes of dredge spoil inside the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. 

This destructive project is now allowed to go-ahead - unless we make a last ditch effort to challenge it in court. Click here to learn more, and help fund the legal challenge to save our Reef: 


another legal action kick starter can be found here:


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